Constitution & Establishment of the Committee

Official Language Act was enacted in the year 1963. There was also a provision in the Act that to review the progress of use of Hindi in the official purposes of the union a Parliamentary Committee may be constituted. This Committee was to be constituted after ten years of the enactment of Section (3) of Official Language Act, 1963. This Committee was named as Committee of Parliament on Official Language & it was constituted in 1976 under section 4 (1) of the Act. Committee has total 30 members of Parliament of which 20 are from Lok Sabha & 10 from Rajya Sabha. After every Lok Sabha elections, the Committee is re-constituted. So far, after Lok Sabha election of 1977, 1980, 1984, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014 respectively, the Committee has been reconsitituted. The function & activities of the Committee are mainly in accordance with the provisions of section 4 of Official Language Act, 1963.

Full Committee has been divided in three sub – committees & each sub – Committee has seperate Convenor and members. Likewise, there is Drafting & Evidence Sub – committee which consists of the convenors of three sub – committee & some selected members.

Purpose & Targets

COPL inspects Ministries, Departments, subordinate offices, Public sector undertakings, banks etc. which comes under the provisions of official Language Act during every break of Parliament. Three sub – Committees have a Target of appox 150 inspections of offices of above said Ministries/Deptts. During each break.

During every Financial Year, Drafting & Evidence Sub – committee organises Programmes with the Heads of Town Official Language Implementation Committee (TOLIC) & their member offices constituted in the country. Hon’ble Convenors of Ist, IInd & IIIrd sub – committees decide and approve the Inspection & Tour Programmes of three sub – committees. Alongwith this preparation of the reports of the inspection tours, ensuring the follow-up action regarding compliance of the assurances given to the respective sub – committees by Head of the deptt. during the Inspection programme also comes under the duties performed by the Committee.

On the basis of the inspections of the offices of Central govt. & the undertaking, bodies, nationalized banks etc. under its control, COPL presents its recommendations to Hon’ble President in regard to the progress of hindi after reviewing the gradual progress. These recommendations are based on the results of the achievements found during inspections in the last 5 years.